Technical documentation

Drafting of blueprint documentation for the obtaining of conditions, permits, and approvals for blueprint documentation and realization of the construction.

  • Conceptual design (CD)
  • Conceptual blueprint (CB)
  • Projects for construction permit (PCP)
  • Drafting of all elaborates
  • Technical control of the project
  • Main design
  • Elaborates for connecting the building to infrastructure
  • As-built drawings (ABD)
  • Bill of quantities and pro forma invoice of works for the construction of the building
  • Detailed development of design documentation (design details)

Unified procedure – submission of documentation through the CEOP application

  • Requests for location requirements
  • Requests for Civil engineering permit and its legality
  • Requests for notification of works
  • Requests for approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Requests for connecting the building to public infrastructure